About Global Management Challenge

Global Management Challenge (GMC) is the world’s biggest competition in the strategic management and the simulation of the company management. The contestants manage virtual companies in 3 world markets – EU, NAFTA and Internet (although it can be different in some countries, characteristics of these markets are the same), where they sell 3 types of products and aim to maximize the price of their company shares. The value of the shares on the market determines the winning company and also the winning team.

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Each team obtains a company characterized by its internal details and its position on the market at the beginning of the contest. Special software evaluates how the teams are doing based on their decisions entered into the system. The participants manage their company’s marketing strategy, production, human resources, logistics, finances, monitor the performance in accounting and they can partly see how the other companies do.


The teams of the Global Management Challenge are made of 3 to 5 people and have their coordinator. Every team belongs to the group created by 5 to 8 teams. These compete against each other to become the best company on the virtual market of GMC. The placement in the groups is random as there is a draw at the beginning of each round of the competition.


The national level of GMC has 3 rounds (this may vary depending on the country or the number of the contestants) and each round contains 5 decisions. These are the strategic decisions of the company for the next „game quarter“. The winners of the national finals (LINK /final-rounds) of GMC compete against each other in the semifinals and finals of the world Global Management Challenge, to where they come from all around the planet.


This article covers only the basic information about GMC. You can learn more about the course of the competition or the rules in separate articles. If you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below.



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