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Slovak Republic has organized Global Management Challenge since 2000 when joined with Poland and Czech Republic. Since that time it has become really famous with about 150-200 teams participating in the country each year (compared to 200 teams in the Czech Republic which is two times bigger in population than Slovakia). University of Economics in Bratislava usually sends the highest number of participants into the competition (about 50 teams / year). The partners and sponsors of Slovakian GMC include ČSOB bank, Adidas Group, Sanofi-Aventis / Zentiva, KPMG, Elster, Západoslovenská energetika (electric company), IBM, Elster, Aukro, Trend, Zoznam or Heineken.

Do you want to know how exactly Slovakia played in international final? What pricing strategy did they have? How many agents and distributors did they use? There are reports from the world final available on – a site about Global Management Challenge with tools, tips and strategies that will help you in GMC.

The prizes for winning Slovakian Global Management Challenge include

  • 3 MBA courses for every team member granted by City University of Seattle in Bratislava
  • Educational visit to Brussels granted by European Parliament Information Office in Slovakia
  • Carrier Management from Assessment Systems
  • Vouchers for book purchase granted by bookstore
  • Career counselling through the psychological assessment of Hogan Assessment Systems of Systems Assessment company

Slovakia won the international final of Global Management Challenge for the first time in 2010 edition in Macau, China.

Slovakia in 2010/2011 GMC

The 2010/2011 international final of GMC Euromanager competition was held in Macau, China. And Slovak Republic was one of the favorites from the very beginning. The interesting thing to note is that there were no Slovak members in the team; it consisted of Polish players only. It was because they couldn´t play in Poland anymore because they won Global Management Challenge there a year before. Thus they moved to Slovakia in order to play the game again because they really liked it. And they won it beating the former champion of Slovak Republic 2009/2010 who participated again in 2010/2011.

International Semi-final

Slovakia was placed into the group #3 in the world semi-final along with these countries:

  • China
  • Portugal
  • Hong Kong
  • Slovakia
  • Greece
  • India

So the real fight was expected to be among China, Hong Kong and Slovakia. And Hong Kong was the one who lost the battle as you can see on the following chart with the last quarter results.

Global Management Challenge - Slovakia, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece, India

Global Management Challenge - Slovakia, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Greece, India

Following table shows the share prices in the last quarter:

Group #3 Share Price
1st Slovak Republic 1,901
2nd P.R. China 1,680
3rd Hong Kong 1,671
4th Portugal 1,512
5th Greece 1,148
6th India 1,000


Greece and India ended at the bottom (but with great people in their teams as I had the chance to meet them) and China with Hong Kong had a fierce fight over the second place. Slovakia won quite easily.

International Final – Slovakia Wins Global Management Challenge

I expected that the final battle for the world champion would be among Slovakia (with players from Poland) and Russia. And during the decisions it really seemed that way. As you can see on the following picture their performance expressed by the share price went pretty similar all the time (including Macau).

Global Management Challenge - final 2010-2011

Global Management Challenge - final 2010-2011

Or you can see all companies compared again below where the jumps between quarters are more visible. It is interesting to see the difference among companies. Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland jumped really high in share price in the last quarter while Ukraine, Russia, and Australia not so much. Macau and China were somewhat mediocre. It shows how some teams were able play the last quarter very effectively (which can sometimes be the most important part of Global Management Challenge).

Global Management Challenge - final 2010-2011

Global Management Challenge - final 2010-2011

The last chart shows the performance of Slovak Republic only. They clearly knew what they were doing during the first four quarters – they had the highest advertising expenditures and also the highest net worth most of the time. And Slovakia had remarkably high net worth in the last quarter – almost 11% higher than Russia (with the second highest) or 1 million more in cumulative profits than Macao. Plus their goodwill was 20% compared to 16% of Russia. They really deserved the victory.

Global Management Challenge - Slovakia 2010-2011

Global Management Challenge - Slovakia 2010-2011

More countries will be added soon. If you have any questions and would like to know something in particular please do not hesitate and ask in comments. Also let me know if you wanted to include something more for other countries.

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