Materials and Documents for Global Management Challenge

All teams that take part in the Global Management Challenge have available the following documents:

Game Manual of the Global Management Challenge

The manual of the Global Management Challenge describes how the whole simulation works. It describes the company, all its aspects, the effects of the individual decisions and the results. You can use the manual mainly to:

  • Build first models to support your decisions (calculation of the accounts, partial calculation of the production and human resources) – these models, if made according to the manual, are accurate
  • Assess the progress of the simulation of GMC with regards to the value of shares, marketing, etc. – incorporated into the models as rough estimates. The manual doesn´t provide the exact numbers and it is necessary to make your own analysis.

The game manual of the Global Management Challenge is the basic document, and each contestant should read it carefully several times prior to the contest. Without its thorough knowledge there is no way the contestant will be able to present the ideas and assumptions during the competition.

Company History

The company history is presented to the contestants of the Global Management Challenge always at the beginning of the new round. The history includes 5 Management reports generated by a computer. All teams receive the same GMC report in the round and it´s entirely up to them how they´ll manage the company further.

What you can get from the history reports of Global Management Challenge to be able to predict company´s future:

  • The progress of the demand and its fluctuations between quarters
  • The setting of the research and development (R&D) in the given scenario
  • The possible progress of the macroeconomic indices (the trend does not necessarily remain the same)
  • The financial budget and the production capacity of the company that indicate what action the other teams in the group will have to take

Decision Sheet

Decision sheet of the Global Management Challenge is the web form where the teams enter their decisions; or application delivered on Flash Drive during the finals. Inputted data correspond with items from management reports that are listed on the left side of the sheet.

Management Report of the Global Management Challenge

The management report is an Excel file that contains two sheets. It is generated by a computer always after the certain decision is closed and corresponds with the quarter that just ended. The first sheet contains the made decisions and their effect on the production, human resources, sales, logistics and distribution. The second sheet of the report in the Global Management Challenge contains financial statements, profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. You can also find the information about the value of the company shares, market shares, or other paid business information in this spreadsheet. It also includes the macroeconomic index and world news.

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