Rules of Global Management Challenge

The rules of the Global Management Challenge (GMC) can vary in individual countries, but mostly they are similar. The main principles and simulation itself is always same.

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Rules of GMC that differ nationally can be for example

  • The number of rounds – that depends on a number of contestants that sign in
  • The schedule of the GMC contest
  • The schedule of informational meetings, announcements of results etc.
  • The prices for winners of the Global Management Challenge national final
  • The fee for contestants (different approach to employees and students)
  • Winners cannot compete in GMC again in some of the countries
  • The challenge can be only open to citizens of the country or its students
  • Sometimes there is only 1 round of the Global Management Challenge and the final 8 teams come from a different competition (for example Germany or India)
    • That also means that these teams do not have the same experience/practice as those from other countries

General rules of the Global Management Challenge

  • Teams are randomly assigned to groups
  • Teams are identified by a number and don´t know who competes against who
  • Advancing teams draw their number randomly again in each new round of the Global Management Challenge
  • A contest round of GMC is consisted of 5 strategical decisions for 5 quarters of the company management
  • The winner of the group is the team with the highest value of the company shares
  • If 2 or more teams end up with the same value of the shares, the biggest positive value of Net Worth will decide who wins
    • This was for example applied in international final in Macau when the team of the Czech Republic and Macau had the same Net Worth – read our story
  • National and international final round take place within one day
  • The winner of the national round of the Global Management Challenge represents its country in the international finals


Do you know other specific or important rules that should not be forgotten? Do you have any questions regarding the rules? Ask in comments please.


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