Sponsors and Partners of Global Management Challenge

Partners and sponsors of the Global Management Challenge usually are the huge national and multinational companies, national media and agencies. For these the partnership with GMC offers the following opportunities:

  • Education for their own employees – the possibility to create the teams of employees that actively participate in GMC
  • Employee recruitment – partners with Global Management Challenge have access to the CV’s of the contestants.  They also acquire assigned teams the management can meet with, show and present their company to and establish good relationship with
  • Company image – the companies present themselves as those interrested in students and they pay student’s participation fee. They can also attend the presentations of the Global Management Challenge at  schools and media.
  • Presentation of the company’s products – for example introduce the product as the price for the winners of the competition

Some of the partner companies of the Global Management Challenge from various countries, from the past and present:

  • Delloitte
  • Microsoft
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Accenture
  • Siemens
  • A many more…
If you want to know more about sucessful strategy for the competition and learn some tips, you can visit GMCHelper.com – a site about Global Management Challenge with software, reports and manuals that will help you to achieve success.

Do you have any questions about partners of Global Management Challenge, the cooperation with them, etc.? Ask in comments.

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