Global Management Challenge Step by Step

How does the Global Management Challenge look like from the perspective of players? Taking it step by step, the course of GMC is as follows:

  • 1) The round begins with random placing the teams into groups, each group has maximum of 8 teams.
  • 2) Each team obtains the company history which holds the information about 5 past quarters of the company the contestants take over and manage.
  • 3) The players analyze the company, come up with a strategy and calculate results of various decisions.
  • 4) The teams implement their strategy into the decisions by entering them into web forms created by the organizers of the Global Management Challenge. They handle the marketing, production, human resources and confront their decisions with their effects on the company and its accounting.
  • 5) The forms are sent to the system of the Global Management Challenge then and they are analyzed with regards to all companies in the group. The system generates Management report for each team that sums up all made decisions and their effect.
  • 6) The same procedure is repeated five timesand the team with the highest value of the shares in the last quarter wins at the end.
    • It does not matter what share price you had during the previous four quarters as you need to optimize it at the end
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This is just a brief overview of the course of GMC. You can find more about the process in our story. And if you would like to ask something more, I will answer you in the comments.

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